Our story

Ramage Farm Weddings


We are often asked about the history of our beautiful farm and wedding venue. The original barn was built in 1930 and served as a working barn for years. The Ramage family acquired the farm in 1955, and since that time, the old barn has seen many changes! It has been used as a mule barn and a processing facility for seed oats, pecans, and blueberries. It was later converted to a farm store, in which the Ramages would sell all kinds of goods made from the crops produced. Think jams, jellies, preserves, pralines, pie, etc! It was also known fondly as the pumpkin patch! In the fall, area elementary schools would bring the kids on field trips to pick pumpkins. A lot of these “kids” have come back to get married here years later, and Brent calls them his “pumpkin kids.” This little country store led to the steakhouse. The steakhouse offered the locals a good meal of steak, potato, salad, and dessert on Saturday nights. It also hosted live music on the stage that remains inside. Eventually, the barn became host to local events, including weddings, parties, and school dances. In 2001, Brent added the pavilion that you see today, converted the upstairs to a bridal suite, and created a groom’s room. It has been an event venue ever since! It has hosted Aggie musters, charity events, various parties, company events, and, most often, weddings! If this old barn could talk, we are sure that it would have plenty of stories to tell. We have been honored to meet and work with so many wonderful couples, and we look forward to creating many more fun memories for years to come!